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Sometimes from youth, or with the passage of years, there is an increase in submandibular fat tissue, which provides an appearance of fat or cervical flaccidity, known as "double chin" that does not disappear despite following a proper diet and exercise, which produces an un stylized appearance in the face.

The LASER CERVICAL LIPOSUCTION unlike traditional liposuction, offers countless benefits. By performing this cervical contouring surgery, with LASER technology we can eliminate the excess of localized fat at this level, by pulverizing the fat, and subsequent aspiration of the fat with cannulas designed for the facial region, allowing to redefine the existing line between the neck and chin.


The benefits offered by LASER chin liposuction surgery compared to conventional surgery are of great importance during and after surgery.


  • Achieves immediate and definitive harmony of the face, with more predictable results.

  • Minimally invasive surgery.

  • Less pain.

  • Less inflammation.

  • The laser provides longer lasting results.

  • The tightening effect of the laser against post-surgical flaccidity is only achieved with this technology, since it is not achieved when it is performed conventionally.

  • Less bleeding which means less swelling and less bruising.

  • Less disability.

  • The pulverization of the fat makes the adipocytes or fat cells unable to reproduce easily after surgery, which generates long-lasting results over time.

  • Stylizes the neck.

  • Rejuvenates facial expression.

  • Defines the chin line.

  • Improves self-esteem.

  • Improves neck angle.



Any patient who presents increased fat deposits in the submental and submandibular region and wishes to eliminate this excess fat  in this area.

It is important to note that in some cases where there is a large accumulation of fat in this location, it must be evaluated if the liposuction or fat aspiration technique via cannula is sufficient for a completely satisfactory result.


It is a procedure that is usually performed under local anesthesia and/or local anesthesia and sedation, depending on the characteristics of the patient and/or the need to tighten the muscle-skin tissue.

The LASER CERVICAL LIPOSUCTION OR DOUBLE CHIN LIPO is performed through small 1-3MM incisions under the chin or under the jaw angle, through which the laser optical fiber is introduced, which generates pulverization of the fat in the area to be worked on and allows for better aspiration through suction cannulas. This careful aspiration of the localized fat allows for a more satisfactory definition of the jaw and cervical contours than that performed conventionally, since the laser offers an immediate tensor effect.

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