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WHAT IS lip lifting?

Genetically or due to aging, the length of skin between the base of the nose and the upper lip is increased, which affects the aesthetics of the lower third of the face and the face in general. In addition, it leads to a lack of exposure of the upper teeth when smiling, making it a frequent reason for consultation. "I laugh and my teeth are not seen".

The Lip Lifting technique aims to shorten the increased vertical length of skin on the upper lip located from the subnasal region to the free edge of the upper lip, providing a thicker upper lip with immediate and definitive projection and exposure of upper teeth when smiling. Additionally, we can enhance the Cupid's bow.

  • Corrects lips that are too long, which come to the consultation with a request for an increase in lip volume with Hyaluronic Acid, without this being the appropriate treatment.

  • The lip lift usually removes 25% of the vertical height of the lip skin.

  • The immediate effect after the intervention will be a higher upper lip, with greater volume and a youthful appearance.

  • The smile regains its radiance and when the lips are at rest, the mouth slightly open, the upper teeth are slightly shown. And during the smile, we will achieve greater exposure of upper teeth.

  • Its effects are permanent.

  • It is a minimally invasive surgical technique.

  • Its result is natural and permanent.

  • Painless postoperative process.

  •  Practically invisible scars.

  • It allows us to recover a more youthful expression.

  • Improves  the harmony of the face.

  • Allows for combined treatments with other surgeries and the application of hyaluronic acid if required.




  • All patients who wish to rejuvenate their lips permanently.

  • When the skin of the upper lip is enlarged.

  • Lack of exposure of the upper teeth crowns when smiling.

  • Patients who want a thicker upper lip, with better projection immediately and to enhance the Cupid's bow.




It is a surgical procedure, minimally invasive, performed under local anesthesia or local anesthesia and sedation. We mark the excess skin to be removed, through a laser incision, the excess skin is removed, and closure is performed with suture points, which are maintained for an average of 5 days. Through laser technology, we also manage during the post-operative period to enhance procedure result. 

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