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Botulinum toxin, commonly known as "Botox," is an injectable substance applied to the muscle to be treated, which blocks or reduces the function and contraction of the muscle on which it is applied.

In this way, the facial muscles are relaxed for several months, preventing the formation of wrinkles and smoothing existing ones, making them almost imperceptible.

Botulinum toxin, applied by expert hands, provides the face with a revitalized and wrinkle-free appearance, with 100% natural results. It also helps correct asymmetries.

In your soul, heart, and skin, the story of your life is marked. A story full of love, joy, laughter, and pain. A story of which you should be proud because that story is called living. But sometimes when you look in the mirror, you discover those marks on your skin that you would like to disappear to reconnect with that young and determined spirit that lives in you. You are not alone. Recent studies show that 76% of adults surveyed would like to look at least 6 years younger.


​That's where BOTOX or Botulinum Toxin and expert hands can be your best allies in this endeavor. Botox is the most widely used non-surgical treatment in the world by men and women for its effectiveness and safety. Expert hands guarantee you to achieve natural-looking results: Dr. Magda Gonzalez, a Maxillofacial Surgeon with over 15 years of experience in Orofacial harmony, aims to recover that fresh and natural harmony in your face so you look younger WITHOUT ANYONE NOTICING THAT YOU USE BOTOX!

That's the true secret of the power of BOTOX


Botulinum toxin is a therapeutic and preventive treatment, increasingly used to prevent the formation of wrinkles and treat existing ones, as relaxing muscle movement and contraction delays the appearance of wrinkles.


This treatment is increasingly in demand by young people who want to prevent and/or stop the appearance of wrinkles, is done from around 28-30 years old; by performing the application of toxin at these early ages when static and deep wrinkles have not yet appeared.

This early treatment consists of applying botulinum toxin in small doses, which also helps keep the skin uniform, maintaining a natural and revitalized expression.




Bruxism is a disorder in which the patient "grinds" or clenches their teeth constantly during the day or night. In both cases, this state affects the jaw muscles, causing them to become hypertrophied (increased in size) and increased muscle tone. The hyper-contraction of the jaw muscles can cause very bothersome symptoms such as severe headaches, pain in the temporomandibular joint, difficulty opening the mouth and tooth wear. This symptomatology is added to the facial affectation of the lower third, seeing the face more round or square in the mandibular angles.

In our Integral Center of Maxillofacial Surgery, the therapeutic use of botulinum toxin has been offering great results in the improvement of the symptoms caused by bruxism at the muscular level with absolute improvement of painful symptomatology and at the facial level profiling due to temporary reduction of muscle volume at the mandibular angles.


This treatment is performed as part of the integral management of Bruxism, since the causes that cause bruxism are multiple such as: stress, dental alterations, dental malpositions and malocclusions. All causes are treated simultaneously with the help of botulinum toxin.

Hombre recibiendo Botox

What does the application of BOTULINUM TOXIN consist of?

Its effect allows improving the tired and sad appearance. The expression of anger and the face of old age. The results are seen a few days after the application, achieving a younger, happier and less tired face.


​The candidate for a facial rejuvenation treatment with Botox® is the patient with multiple wrinkles around the eyes and other face parts that are accentuated by muscle movement.

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